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Some of the electronic kits ideal for science fair projects are as follows: Snap Tricity kit, electronic playground, 300-in-1 electronic lab, electronic bell, lemon clock, radio AM/FM radio kit, Go electric, and car alarm simulator kit.Science is full of mysteries that need to be discovered and explored. Experimentation is the sole solution to curiosity. Thus, a science fair, which is a common school event, is launched almost every year to allow children to discover things on their own. One of the most common things children love to research is electronics. Below are some of the good science fair project ideas such as:Snap Tricity KitThis is a good project that deals with magnetism and electricity. It has an instructional manual that contains a step-by-step procedure on how to go about the experiment. With complete parts, it demonstrates how circuits affect electricity and how magnetism is produced.Electronic playgroundIdeal for children 10 years and above, all the basics of electricity are covered such as voltage, current, antennas, transistors, and more. The cost is worth the knowledge because there are more than 50 experiments possible with just one piece of kit.300-in-1 Electronic labFor beginners, you will be amazed of the numerous experiments while using this gadget. This is safe even for children because no soldering is required. You can build a transistor radio, alarm, electronic game, rain detector, and so much more – fun and excitement awaits all the students.Electronic bellA fun way to learn simple electronic experiment is by discovering how a bell rings. It has its own motor, meter, and generator that allow a child to learn the mechanism of electricity the simple way.Lemon clockTo discover nature’s magic, you can generate electricity out of lemon fruit. At least 18 experiments can be made using this simple kit through the chemical reactions of the substances.Radio AM/FM radio kitBe a scientist in your own way. Learn how to make your own radio the fun and safe way. Children will surely enjoy doing the experiment because they get to tune in to their favorite station with just a quick set-up.Go electricExplore the world of electricity by learning the fundamental Ohm’s law, amperes, fuses, and Mores code. These are essential if you want to create your own electric puzzle, light bulb, and the likes.Car alarm simulator kitAlthough this requires soldering, yet this is easy to install alarm that automatically gets activated once engine is off. It only uses a flash and LED, which is a cheaper way of deterring thefts.Always remember that anything that involves electricity can be very dangerous. Whether these experiments are simple or not, utmost care must still be practiced to ensure safety of the students.

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Nothing can set the rhythm of a song like a some drums. Of course, that’s only my opinion! But if you’re as big a fan of the drums as I am, you’ll no doubt agree with me. Sets of drums today can be got in two forms – acoustic and electric.Acoustic drums generate sound based on vibrations created when the instrument is played. However, electric drum sets work differently, in that, the sound that emerges isn’t a result of vibrations but that of waveforms that are electronically generated. Graeme Edge is the pioneer who’s credited with coming up with the first electric drum set in the early 1970s. He did so with help from Brain Groves, a professor in the field of electronics employed by the Sussex University.Since the early electric drum sets, manufactured by such brand names as Yamaha, Syndrum, etc, were known to work best for music that required no changes in the quality of timbre, they were limited to certain genres of music. The electric drums that then came into the market and made a name for itself was the Pollard Syndrum. This was the first electric drums that could be used by professionals to record in studio settings.The Pollard Syndrum had everything that a drummer could ask for in terms of range, timbre and triggering. No wonder that it’s still so much in demand by professionals who play the drums regularly as well as recording musicians.Most of the cheap electric sets of drums available in the market today aren’t really worth the money for professionals. However, if you’re a recreational drummer and enjoy pursuing your hobby without having to spend too much then these are ideal for you. In terms of quality, such electric drums are pretty much on par with the initial electric drum sets that were produced.Having said that, there are several innovations that have marked the evolution of electric drum sets, so much so, that the best ones are virtually as good as the acoustic drum sets. Now, that’s an achievement!Many websites on the internet now offer electric drum sets which are made affordable by allowing the customer to make three or four payments of a given amount instead of one big payment. Some websites also offer free shipping as an incentive to boost sales. Such websites also stock all the accessories you can ask for.

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Have you heard about a new concept in product warranty called Extended Warranty? Like most people, you too will find this term novel. To learn more about Extended Warranty in India, read on. With the increase in the use of convenience products like mobile phones and other gadgets, they certainly have added to the benefits that customers can enjoy without a glitch. However, these goods can be accidentally damaged and bring in unexpected problems for users. The same thing can be said about electrical goods and appliances. Once they get damaged or require attention, it’s very difficult to get these repaired as one has to shell out the costs from one’s own pocket.The fact is that handsets and electrical appliances do get damaged. No matter how much care you take of your handset, it is likely to get damaged due to a fall or exposed to water, or from some other mishap. At this time, your thoughts only revolve around how to get your handset or appliance repaired again. Plus, such accidents are not usually covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.At this time, your budget can get affected because you might need to pay for the repairs every time your phone or electrical appliance gets damaged. In case your mobile phone is not repairable; your budget might get disturbed again because you will need to shell out an appreciable sum of money for a new one. This process also consumes a lot of your precious time.Also, if you have a vehicle such as a car, then the average cost to repair it in case it gets damaged comes to a handsome five digit figure. At the outset, the cost of the car is generally high making you squeeze your budget while buying one. Further, any damage to the car can upset your budget. Therefore, though you may be excited on purchasing a vehicle, there come such worries as well.Some of the worries that you may face while buying a car is generally centered around a breakdown or an accident. At this time, the cost to get your vehicle back on the road can exceed your budget or at least throw your budget out of gear. The very first thought that comes to your mind is how to protect yourself from such costs.The same scenario is played out again if you own the costly modern appliances of today. Items like televisions, laptops, digital cameras, refrigerators, and camcorders are now common in many homes across the country. These appliances and electronic gadgets are expensive items for most families and if they stop working, then getting them repaired or replaced is an expensive proposition indeed.With the above examples, it is plainly understood that the products and services that we commonly use are liable to failure, sometimes within their warranty period. The risks involved are many. Some of the common problems that consumers face are costly repairs for the product, further expenses if the product cannot be repaired, and an unfriendly and an inconvenient repair and replacement process.So would it not be good if these products had an extended warranty on them? Extended Warranty is getting increasingly accepted in India. Due to the limited warranties of these products, extended warranty is now gaining wide acceptance in the retail, consumer, and automobile segment in India. This concept is made available by companies other than the manufacturer in the form of convenient product protection plans. These plans cover your product for an extended period even after the warranty provided by the manufacturer expires.For handsets, companies that are into the extended warranty business now offer handset protection plan along with additional coverage such as accidental damage while handling. Such plans run concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty. They have convenient features like repair of the phone in case it is damaged, virtually at no cost to the owner. The plans have a provision of replacement or repair of the mobile phone every time it gets damaged, at virtually no cost to the owner. In case the phone cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.For appliances and electronic products, an extended warranty plan provides replacement or repair of your product. As part of the extended warranty plan, it is possible to extend the time of the warranty and also enhance the coverage and services during the extended warranty period. The product is repaired at no cost to the owner, and in case repair is not possible, it is replaced at not cost at all to the product’s owner. Plans for automobiles provide coverage for both new and pre-owned automobiles. The plan provides for a repair every time the automobile fails and at virtually no cost to the owner. The repair is done at the nearest authorized repair center. The plan also provides for free towing of the automobile within a certain mileage.This new concept thus provides for worry free use of the products you purchase with your hard earned money and provide you complete peace of mind.