Try Out Different Effects and Sounds With an Electronic Drum Set |

Nothing can set the rhythm of a song like a some drums. Of course, that’s only my opinion! But if you’re as big a fan of the drums as I am, you’ll no doubt agree with me. Sets of drums today can be got in two forms – acoustic and electric.Acoustic drums generate sound based on vibrations created when the instrument is played. However, electric drum sets work differently, in that, the sound that emerges isn’t a result of vibrations but that of waveforms that are electronically generated. Graeme Edge is the pioneer who’s credited with coming up with the first electric drum set in the early 1970s. He did so with help from Brain Groves, a professor in the field of electronics employed by the Sussex University.Since the early electric drum sets, manufactured by such brand names as Yamaha, Syndrum, etc, were known to work best for music that required no changes in the quality of timbre, they were limited to certain genres of music. The electric drums that then came into the market and made a name for itself was the Pollard Syndrum. This was the first electric drums that could be used by professionals to record in studio settings.The Pollard Syndrum had everything that a drummer could ask for in terms of range, timbre and triggering. No wonder that it’s still so much in demand by professionals who play the drums regularly as well as recording musicians.Most of the cheap electric sets of drums available in the market today aren’t really worth the money for professionals. However, if you’re a recreational drummer and enjoy pursuing your hobby without having to spend too much then these are ideal for you. In terms of quality, such electric drums are pretty much on par with the initial electric drum sets that were produced.Having said that, there are several innovations that have marked the evolution of electric drum sets, so much so, that the best ones are virtually as good as the acoustic drum sets. Now, that’s an achievement!Many websites on the internet now offer electric drum sets which are made affordable by allowing the customer to make three or four payments of a given amount instead of one big payment. Some websites also offer free shipping as an incentive to boost sales. Such websites also stock all the accessories you can ask for.