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Some of the electronic kits ideal for science fair projects are as follows: Snap Tricity kit, electronic playground, 300-in-1 electronic lab, electronic bell, lemon clock, radio AM/FM radio kit, Go electric, and car alarm simulator kit.Science is full of mysteries that need to be discovered and explored. Experimentation is the sole solution to curiosity. Thus, a science fair, which is a common school event, is launched almost every year to allow children to discover things on their own. One of the most common things children love to research is electronics. Below are some of the good science fair project ideas such as:Snap Tricity KitThis is a good project that deals with magnetism and electricity. It has an instructional manual that contains a step-by-step procedure on how to go about the experiment. With complete parts, it demonstrates how circuits affect electricity and how magnetism is produced.Electronic playgroundIdeal for children 10 years and above, all the basics of electricity are covered such as voltage, current, antennas, transistors, and more. The cost is worth the knowledge because there are more than 50 experiments possible with just one piece of kit.300-in-1 Electronic labFor beginners, you will be amazed of the numerous experiments while using this gadget. This is safe even for children because no soldering is required. You can build a transistor radio, alarm, electronic game, rain detector, and so much more – fun and excitement awaits all the students.Electronic bellA fun way to learn simple electronic experiment is by discovering how a bell rings. It has its own motor, meter, and generator that allow a child to learn the mechanism of electricity the simple way.Lemon clockTo discover nature’s magic, you can generate electricity out of lemon fruit. At least 18 experiments can be made using this simple kit through the chemical reactions of the substances.Radio AM/FM radio kitBe a scientist in your own way. Learn how to make your own radio the fun and safe way. Children will surely enjoy doing the experiment because they get to tune in to their favorite station with just a quick set-up.Go electricExplore the world of electricity by learning the fundamental Ohm’s law, amperes, fuses, and Mores code. These are essential if you want to create your own electric puzzle, light bulb, and the likes.Car alarm simulator kitAlthough this requires soldering, yet this is easy to install alarm that automatically gets activated once engine is off. It only uses a flash and LED, which is a cheaper way of deterring thefts.Always remember that anything that involves electricity can be very dangerous. Whether these experiments are simple or not, utmost care must still be practiced to ensure safety of the students.